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KIBINAI Order. Delivery. Removal.

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The freshest, most delicious kibinai. Ordering. Delivery. Removal.
Delivery by agreement, while ordering City OFFER 10 + 30, Kinder City and Family Box - FREE DELIVERY OF KIBINAI - in Vilnius and Trakai.
Orders for pick-up locations – Umedziu St.2, Vilnius, 100m. from: Møller Auto Savanoriai (Volkswagen).
The order for a kibinai or a mini kibinai may consist of a kibinai mix (a kit with different fillings), but one type of kibinai should be at least 10 pcs.)




For family, friends, companies, organizations and everyone.

1. MINI BOX plus 1pcs./kg


(usual size)

Choose the stuffing yourself: with chopped pork meat, chopped pork meat and champignons, chopped pork meat and cabbage, with curd and spinach, with champignons, with vegetables, with a tasty air curd and seasoning at your choice or just with curd, sliced right chicken fillet, with chicken fillet and mushrooms, with chicken fillet and cheese.

1 pcs. home-made sakotis with real butter from the highest grade of wheat flour, sour cream and eggs. With vanilla sugar. Everything is real and tasty.



1 kg of homemade cookies with butter and filling from an air curd or apples with cinnamon. Delicious.

Price: 59,00Eur

2. Good company Kibinai




Kibinai + 1 kg of fried bread with garlic




25 pcs. normal size kibinai Choose the stuff: – with cabbage or mushrooms – curds and spinach – with a properly chopped pork / plus:

You can season the pork meat: with cabbage, cheese, mushrooms

10 pcs. sweet kibinai for several bites

Choose the stuff: with sweet curds, apples and cinnamon

You can season sweet curds: with raisins, bananas

Total: 35 pcs. + 1kg

Price: 48,40 Eur

 3. Family box


FREE SHIPPING (in Trakai and Vilnius cities)

40 pcs. normal sized kibinai (optionally with: chopped pork meat, curd and spinach, sausage, cabbage, mushrooms, pork and cabbage)

40 pcs. a few diced kibinai (optional with: chopped pork meat, with cottage cheese and spinach, sausage, cabbage, mushrooms, sweet cucumbers, apples and cinnamon)

Total: 80 pcs.

Price: 88,90 Eur

4. Good kibin box (filling: beef, lamb)

55 pcs. several bites kibinai (choose themselves: with veal, beef, lamb)

Price: 65,50Eur


5. Kinder City   

FREE SHIPPING (in Trakai and Vilnius cities)

50 pcs. one-bite kibinai (select themselves: with chopped pork meat, with curds and spinach, with sausage or with mushrooms and cabbage)

20 pcs. one-bite kibinai with chicken fillet 1 kg of homemade biscuits with butter and fluffy curds or apples with cinnamon filling

Total: 70 pcs. + 1kg

Price: 70 Euros

6. City OFFER 10 + 30

For this offer we apply:

FREE SHIPPING (in Trakai and Vilnius cities)

10 pcs. kibinai with chopped chicken fillet

30 pcs. with chopped pork meat (or optional: with cabbage, mushrooms, with chopped pork and mushrooms, with cottage cheese, with cottage cheese and spinach).

Total: 40 pcs.

Price: 59,90 euros

где_поесть_в _в_литве.7. Box for the party

1 kg homemade cookies with butter and stuffing from air curd and apples with cinnamon

1 kg fried bread with garlic

30pcs. kibinai several bites (choose your favorite stuff themselves: with chopped pork meat, with cottage cheese and spinach, with sausage, with mushrooms and cabbage)

Total: 30pcs. + 2kg

Price: 39,90Eur

8. Kinder kibin box popular choice 

50 pcs. several bites kibinai (choose themselves fillings: with chopped pork meat, with curds and spinach, with sausage, with mushrooms, cabbage, with tasty fluffy curds and raisins or banana).

Price: 39,90 eur

9. Pilies street box

40 pcs. normal size kibinai. Choose the most tasty ingredients yourself:
with chopped pork meat, curd and spinach, sausage, cabbage, mushrooms, pork and cabbage, pork and mushrooms, pork and cheese.

Price: 53,50Eur


1500 pcs. several bites kibinai (select your favorite stuff: chopped pork meat, chopped pork meat and cabbage, chopped pork meat and champignons, with curd and spinach or just with curd, sweet curd).

FREE SHIPPING (in Trakai and Vilnius cities) and in the areas of these cities.

Total: 1500 pcs.

Price: 1250Eur


DRINKS BOX (broth, tea and other)


Broth, tea, coffee, water or kvass.
Choose, ask, advice



1. Choose. For each person it is important to have the option. Even more important to have the alternatives of right choice. When we love food, we love and ourselves. No matter what filling you choose for kibinai – all prepared with love, all special and unique. Therefore, we believe that no matter you choose from a variety of fillings you will not regret it, because our kibinai fabulously delicious and impressive.

2. Ask. When so much of everything, it is hard to choose. Very often this happens, and nothing is terrible. It is important that there is a choice, and all choices are correct, because all kibinai are just extremely tasty. You can not choose? We will be happy to help, advise, orient. Call or e-mail. For us it is easy, we are pleased. Thank you for your interest and ask. Only You, Dear customers, help to develop and grow, not to be afraid to make mistakes and develop.

3. Consult. Lost in the sea of flavors? You are organizing a celebration, a party, seminar or other commotion? Do you want to treat yourself or other people? Perhaps you only know your budget and how many people you will have to feed tasty? Maybe you know nothing or simply do not know what you want? Consult. It does not cost anything, but we will be very glad that you trust us. We know what kibinai or kits are the most popular in the children’s festival, what people order for birthdays and seminars, what are the favorite choice of companies. We will find based on your individual needs and capabilities. Consult. We can offer you the correct advice and help.


It is very delicious. You will really praise us.

Such good prices are provided in accordance with composition of set and quantity.
Wider range of orders you can choose from common Menu.

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