Gifts for Christmas



Give delicious presents.


Look at a few ready-made Christmas offers:



Delicious present for Christmas Nr.1

From 500g shimtalapis – traditional round shape (the usual composition with poppy seeds and raisins, or loved by sweets with sweet curd / butter 82%, curd 40%)

Price – 7.50 Eur



Delicious present for Christmas Nr.2

1000g a box of fresh fabulously delicious homemade cookies stuffed with cottage cheese or apples with cinnamon

Price – 11.50 Eur




Delicious present for Christmas Nr.3

20pcs. in box popular (some bites) kibinai

10pcs. with mushrooms/ with mushrooms and cabbage /with cabbage;

10pcs. with apples and cinnamon / with sweet or not sweet curds and spinach.

Price – 16.50 Eur




Wish and get an individual offer for Christmas:

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We commit not to upset.

We commit to feed tasty.