Fried bread

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Just delicious fried bread with garlic. Favorite, regular, clear, and therefore delicious. We offer you to order to a feast, party, or just to enjoy.

Packaged in a convenient packaging for you according to the agreement. We will certainly listen to your wishes.
1 kg – 17,50Eur

100 g – 1,75Eur





1. KIBIN.BREAD box_ 50pcs. KIBINAI +1 kg fried bread

50 pcs. some bites kibinai ( choose the stuffs yourself: with chopped pork meat, with cabbage and spinach, with sausage, with mushrooms, with cabbage, with curds and raisins or bananas).

1 kg fried bread with garlic

Price: 94.90Eur



2. KIBIN.BREAD box_ 30pcs. KIBINAI +1 kg fried bread

30 pcs. normal sized kibinai. Choose the stuffing yourself: with chopped pork, curds and spinach, sausage, cabbage, mushrooms, pork and cabbage, pork and mushrooms, pork and cheese.

1  kg fried bread with garlic

Price: 94.90Eur



3. KIBIN.BREAD box _20pcs. KIBINAI +1 kg fried bread

20 pcs. common size kibinai with pork

1 kg fried bread with garlic

Price: 67.90Eur