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„Some rebukes are praises, and some praises are slanders.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
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The tale



small kibinas,who became the general

-Cozy bakery, I got into good home – just pulled from the oven small kibinai thought. – Immediately, I will rummage where to make friends. On the adjacent table, there was a tray with uncooked and white, small kibinai with sweet curds. “Probably they are waiting in the queue to born – thought small kibinai. Little kibinai looked on. Saucy baker with her loyal assistants danced near the furnace preparing to put on the tray large kibinai. Bellies of large kibinai were so round and bloated. All of them were lying next to each other and looked like a thick kibinai army without general. You will ask: Why without general? “Because they were all pretty much the same, and little kibinai thought, the general had to have the biggest belly, all from far away had to know him, to respect and listen to his instructions. Kibinai looked around. Outside the window rain was pouring. Fat baker stood at the window, one hand held the bowl, and the other hand stirred the eggs, which will give golden hue and miraculous luster for kibinai. “Good place, I like it”- thought kibinai. Warm, good, hardworking women, just need to find friends that are not boring. Bakers put a full tray of large kibinai in the oven. The little one looked at them and saw how they bake, change color and become beautiful, juicy and delicious large kibinai. Looking at one point the little kibinai fell asleep, and when awakened, the big kibinai already were sitting on the table and their scent tickled the entire nose.

-Hello, friends, – said little one, but the large fatties did not even look at him. Laid and sported their abdomens and continued to spread their wonderfully pleasant and appetite stimulating smell. -Hey, fatties, let’s be friends! – said fidgety. All kibinai laid, and only one marginal turned to the baby and said: -Do not disturb. We are getting cool, you can see. The kid thought about it. Then touched his belly in order to check that he has cooled down. Tummy was still warm, and the inside is juicy and fragrant. “I do not understand”- thought little one. After all, we can cool down and be friends. Great kibinai are lazy” – quietly discussed further little kibinai. -Hey, but you can cool and be friends! – exclaimed again baby. Now almost all kibinai turned and looked at baby, but the same marginal kibinai, who already resented, said: “We are very tired after baking. Babe, do not shout like general. After these words, lying fatties wheezed being lazy even to guffaw and began the vicious murmur: “General, General ….” Kid was grieved with those lying shirkers. He just wanted to make friends, and they scoff. “Yes! I am general! – exclaimed little kibinai. – And who are you? Slugs!? Who is your commander? I want to talk to him! Fatties silenced and did not laugh, gasped at him and began to look at each other as if in search of the commander. -Where is your commander?! – Again shouted little. -We do not know – quietly said the same speaking kibinas. – He was not baked.

-How is not baked !? – Now little quipped. – The commander always is cooked at the same time with other kibinai. What commander without troops? General of other kibinai will be baked next. You are foundlings. – The little kibinai said the whole tirade while fat kibinai only gasped and they were amazed, and looked at each other. Some of the excitement even more flavorfully began to cool through evaporation. The little kibinai saw the reaction of fat kibinai and decided that there was no procedure in major kibinai pan, then he decided to take power into his own hands. The start has already been done, huge were surprised and stunned from the speech of little kibinai, little kibinai worried that they do not have command that they are foundlings. Listen to me; I will be your leader! – bravely shouted little one. Some fat kibinai even did not move, because they again were caught by lazy sleep, while others gasped and began to laugh at open mouth that even the steam turned out of the mouth. -Stop laughing! – exclaimed and knocked foot little one.- You do not have general. -So what? – retorted the loudest laughing kibinai. -How what – surprised little.- Who will unite you? Who will distribute tasks for you? Who will lead you in the war? When heard the word “war” almost all kibinai were stirred up, the only one located in the very corner, blew into the eye. The marginal kibinai said again: -What war you are talking about, baby? -I speak about our all vocation – the war against hunger. We are kibinai, no matter big or small, we want to make us eat. United, we will be able to decide for themselves on what regale table to go and to whom – suggestively explained little. Do you understand? Kibinai looked and all the faces became serious. Kibinai with the toastiest belly spoke who did not speak previously.

Yeah. We all want to be eaten and we will help overcome hunger, but how we can choose the regale table to go on? -We can do it all together – now quietly – without shouting explained little one and kibinai gasped and built their ears, they carefully listened. – First of all, we have to decide- what we want. What are the proposals? Where are we going? -We will go to nature! – exclaimed one. -I want to the large party! – Louder shouted another. I want to the children’s room – shouted other. It began an open debate among kibinai. Kid satisfied smiled and intelligently looking at disputing fatties said, Silence please! Kibinai silenced. Kid continued language: -I had so much fun that you are disputing and each has his own opinion, but we need the unanimous decision. We will be democratic and vote. We should choose a captain, and then do other solutions. Do you agree?

Yeah!!! – Unanimously shouted all fatties. -Who is agree with the fact that I would be general? Raise your hands. Determination, eloquence, and ingenuity of little kibinai have resulted in hand forest electing the little kibinai as general. Only one remained silent, the same kibinai, which is located in the very corner and continued blowing into the eye. -Voted unanimously. All in favor and one abstention, or more correctly to say he missed. Kibinai began to laugh loudly. Little kibinas was elected as general – reported marginal kibinai, and all fatties began to applause to elected commander.

Little general of kibinai and a hundred of his troops

Just elected as general, small kibinas jumped on the podium and, more specifically, on the edge of the pan, and the general voice said: -Thank you men, for your trust. However, right now let’s talk about the business. The ruthless war against hunger is waiting and we will be sent soon to the regale table – to the war against hunger field. We will be eaten and it is great because we are kibinai, but we do not have to go to war that is not ours. Let’s feed the hungry people. We have to go where we are most needed. We are nutritious, juicy and roasted, so make the most important choices in our lives themselves. We will not allow anybody to eat us. We are cooked only for the best! Therefore, we must decide here and now who we have to feed. Do not let us cool! -Yes! Yes! – With stormy plaudits, all kibinai agreed even the kibinas woke up in the corner who slept the half of his life. Little general picked up his hand and the ovation subsided.

-We do not have time for a long ovation – with still face and a very serious tone little general explained to his army – already brought kibinai order forms and rapidly we will have to go to war against hunger, but we do not have reliable information where the battles take place, in other words, we do not know where it will be prepared regale tables. We do not know whom to feed? Whom we are feeding? Children or adults? -Children! – shouted half of fat kibinai. -Adults, we are fat, and only one little! – Other half of fatties shouted. Little general’s voice was decisive. -We will feed both children and adults – most importantly, that they must be good and hungry – the baby said the last word. – We need spies who would sneak to the kitchen corner, needle unnoticed through thick baker and see if there are good people: children, adults, old people, who ordered kibinai. You need to pay attention to children’s birthday events, because the children’s birthdays are always celebrated by both children and adults. We will choose the best and go out there to feed both children and adults. Kibinai listened to little general agape and devoured his every spoken word.

How will we know if they were good or they are the best? – Asked kibinai who in the same corner slept almost all his life. Little general thought about it. The question was correct. Definitely, but how to know? There is no time to explain an understanding of the kindness concepts, who is good and who is bad. Kid had to deal with it and respond immediately, so remembered what he heard about people from bakers’ conversation before getting to the oven. Fat baker tried to complain to thicker: -A lot of orders. These people are constantly hungry. Interestingly, when they will become satiated? Other baker smiling answered: -Do not be so embittered, our customers are very good and sincere. They always thank and praise our tasty kibinai. Fat baker thought, smiled and agreed: Yes, our customers are good, I am just tired. I need to go on vacation. Little kibinas pondered conversation of bakers, concluded and immediately declared:

-All people who want us are good, so we do not have to explain who is good and who is bad, but we decided to feed both children and adults. That is our choice. Kibinai in one voice shouted: Yeah !!! -Who wants to become spies? We need two volunteers. Hands up who wants to take the responsibility of this task! – The little kibinas shouted to his army. Little kibinas was surprised all kibinai wanted to become spies. Almost simultaneously hand forest rose. All fat kibinai rushed to the exploration and again the little general had to decide who would be sent to reconnaissance. All kibinai were determined and loyal to the common deal. Therefore, the decision was difficult, but they could not wait. Little general appointed the marginal kibinai as spy of kibinai troops and entrusted the task to fulfill, as most spoke and, in his opinion, the most active and kibinas with the most toasty belly became the other spy, because his belly had masking – needed for real spy – shade.

Reconnaissance task was not easy. They not only had to spy out the orders, but also to make certain the truest diversion – to rearrange the order numbers, if necessary, to transport orders, where it is needed. In war as in war – all the measures are justified. Spies crawled away, and the little allowed army to rest and take a nap before the most significant events in their lives. Spies delayed. Little general nervously walked from one angle of pan to another. Finally, they crawled. They were warm, smeared somewhere in the soot, but happy and self-satisfied. They breathing stood before the baby, and began to report: -Our general, we want to inform you that the task entrusted to us is executed successfully. -Great, guys. I am proud of you. Please disclose the progress of the task and the results obtained. Kibinas with toasty belly began to speak.

-We successfully and unnoticed crawled to the assignment location, in order to find out where and when a children’s birthday will take place, changed order numbers and through the pan edge with the finished baking returned. Order quantities coincide. We leave in 2 hours out of town. Small children’s birthday with their parents will be in the nature near the Akmena lake. We hope that by the time the rain will stop. -Great, guys, go to a rest and I will rest. The global preparedness will be published in hour. An hour passed quickly. Little kibinai clambered up on the edge of the pan and exclaimed: -All get up and into the lineup! Kibinai counting will take place in 10 minutes. Kibinai gathered to the lineup. Some drowsy and with wobbly legs, the other are in a cheerful mood. -Align! Quietly! Successive number off! – Little general commanded. Fatties executed the command. Kibinai counted themselves. Total 100 kibinai and one their little general were ready for was against hunger.

How little generalled fat kibinai to war

For the war against hunger one hundred and one kibinai army was ready. For kibinai joy rain stopped and a rainbow adorned the sky. Fat kibinai were in a good mood and perky, discussed the future strategy for the war on hunger. It was decided that they will snap after each bite, and their juices will be kept to the last the tastiest bite.

They chatted and joked, and one kibinai suddenly asked:

– Don’t you fear that you will be eaten? Don’t you fear to disappear?

All kibinai looked at the little general. No, they were not afraid to be eaten, because feeding people was the only and key their vocation, but only commander could answer this question.

Little general intently looked up his entire army, came to the kibinai who asked and patted his belly.

-Guys, – he said, looking at the whole squad of fat kibinai. – We are not afraid of being eaten. These is a set of reasons. The main reason is that we are created to fight hunger. It is our vocation and this is our mission. You imagine how you will crack and pour the juice when you will be eaten, but do not forget that the greatest fun is waiting for you only when you will be swallowed, when you will change the form and people will begin to digest you. You will change shape, spin as crazed carousel until you will turn into good kibinai spirit and escape to infinity of the universe in the form of air.

Kibinai gasped and listened. Then kibinai with slightly oblique inclined head asked:

How to understand “air form”?

Due to the issue all kibinai instantly laughed and everyone started to fun that even leaned out of the shaft. Laughed and the little one, but being a general he had to steady down and answer even this question: -Air form means that you will escape thanks to human ongoing physiological processes. When you will escape, you will hear the praise about your taste, your juiciness and the crunching, your special dough and correctly chopped meat or other filling. Then will begin another exciting phase of your life. You will do everything you want. No one will see you and you will see and hear all. You’ll be able to fly to the bakery and again become kibinai or live for pleasure.

-Wow! We are lucky! – said kibinai – scout with toasty tummy.

Kibinai started to racket and began to fantasize what they will do after the war against hunger. Kibinas who liked sleeping said that will do nothing, but only will sleep. Kibinai spies decided to develop their observation skills and prepared to spy all restaurants in Trakai and Vilnius, to assess what the situation is there. All kibinai had plans and all told, argued, and the little one looked at them and smiled. He was very funny that all fat kibinai managed to stay focused and make friends.

The vehicle for order distribution arrived. The face of little kibinai became serious. He jumped onto the pan and exclaimed:

-Attention, soldiers! It is time. All to bed, we will be immediately placed in a box.

Kibinai, awkwardly wagging their bulging bellies, lied. Little general saw that the host comes, also collapsed. The host checked the order numbers and began to put kibinai into the box. Suddenly she looked at the baby. What is this? One hundred huge and one little kibinai. For little kibinai there was a danger to remain without troops, and fat kibinai – remain without generals.

-Hey! – The host exclaimed to bakers which stood at the stove, – why in 11 order, which must be transported to Akmena lake, there was only one small kibinai and other large.

Baker, just at the moment took out from the furnace a hot pan full of freshly baked small kibinai. For such a sudden twisting she startled, and almost dangled on the ground freshly baked small kibinai and only put small kibinai on the table to cool angrily retorted:

-I do not know! I already do not remember. All kibinai in boxes must comply with the order forms.

The little general and fat kibinai just opened their eyes and watched what was going on and listened the feminine conversation. It was clear that there was a danger for their military commander. He was from small kibinai pastry baking series somehow trapped or separated from his smaller counterparts. In a word, the atmosphere got warm. The host did not notice changed orders, but found out that the little general is not intended to this order, and in total, it is unclear where he appeared here.

The host was standing upset, and hot bakers danced around furnace like bees near a flower spike. What to do with the little general? A quick glance at the clock. It is time to go. Guests and hero of the day probably already hang around hungry. Do not be late. Oh, let it be small kibinai pastry the birthday gift from our company. Little kibinai – a gift to the little peppers on birthday.

Little general stared at the host, and followed her every movement, facial grimace or sigh. The host leaned and small kibinai was stark, but not due to fear but due to determination of immediate action. He did not intend to give up without a fight and already invented cunning plan to flee, and then return to his army before the start of the feast, but all this was not necessary, because the host bending just nicely covered kibinai with the paper and closed the box. All kibinai easier sighed and immediately began to grumble, but little general reassured them:

-Hush, men! Do not shoo away success. – Wait until we will be carried into the car and we will go, then there will be more noise, we can confidently talk to.

All kibinai understanding paused and waited for the car to change location.

Car engine growled and the car moved out of place. For some time kibinai drove in silence. It began to be heard in neighboring kibinai uproar from adjacent boxes standing, but team of little general was disciplined and kept quiet and waited for their commander’s instructions.

-Well, people – we escaped! – broke the silence little general.

-Yes, we escaped! – echoed obtuse approval of lying kibinai.

-We go to war against hunger. We wanted to feed the children and their parents. Our dreams come true!!! Do you understand!? – He joyfully exclaimed to the little general, and only now, it was possible to realize that he himself always is a bit dubious that he will go well but behave confidently and boldly, like a real man and like a real commander.

Yeah!!! Glory to our general! Glory! – In the box obtuse echoed votes of fat kibinai.

-Kibinai, friends, brothers, – little general applied for fat kibinai – we will drive to the banquet soon, and will stand in the war on hunger in a wonderful and scenic location. We will overcome the hunger in Trakai near the Akmena lake. This is an amazing place. We are very lucky. We will fight against hunger crunching and dripping through beards.

-Yes! Crunching and dripping! – agreed happy kibinai.

The car stopped, but it has not been battlefield of small general troops. At this point in the fight against hunger joined kibinai- neighbors, who rode next to the box. So little general had enough time to give last instructions to his troops.

-Guys, our next stop! Let us be prepared! I understand that the box is not very convenient, but get warm before leaving, because some of us probably already surmised to get cool. Twist your big bellies into one and to the other side. Tap the abdomen to neighboring friends. Move! Warm up your kibinai delicious juice!

Kibinai began to squirm in the box. They moved as could, and it is very beautiful and very funny to watch the moving awkward fat kibinai.

Warming up was made and the car stopped. Even in the box, kibinai heard howling children and funny uproar.

Well, people get ready! Let us go!

Kibinai box with the words, like a pre-staged, was placed in the hands of the host. The trip towards fruit begun. Kibinai eager to grapple with hunger. Hungry children and adults were shouting: “Kibinai, kibinai arrived!” Actuated to be tasty and crisp.

The host after opening the box the first took a little general. He is already in the hands of the host called out his army of kibinai.

-Forward! In the struggle!

The host the little general from total kibinai team in the bakery gave little hero of the day. He was very glad and immediately caused the envy of other children, because they got fat kibinai.

Oh, parents did not think that their children like small kibinai. Only Justukas was pleased with the great fat kibinai. He was inspected in all sides, and then began to eat voraciously, and kibinai to crunch and to dribble through the beard. Finally, parents with children made an agreement and decided that the small kibinai deservedly went to the feast “perpetrator” because his birthday today, and the big fat kibinai correctly went to other birthday guests, because everyone is already large, (no one is younger than 5 years). In addition, children with parents agreed that the next time they would order small kibinai for all guests.

Fat kibinai initially a little disappointed that the children immediately were not impressed, but then calmed down since realized that the little general as a true commander attracted all the attention and messed up emotions in order to properly prepare fat kibinai for war against hunger and confidently crackling and shedding their juice in guest mouths deal with it. When fat kibinai were eaten, all admired the exquisite taste, and praised them and ate with a smile and remembering the little general of fat kibinai.

Wait for the sequel ….


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